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Based in Chamblee, we specialize in family chiropractic, hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy (HBOT), tissue regeneration, nutrition response testing, more.

A Trusted Partner in the Atlanta Area

Hands on Wellness is here first and foremost to serve our community by offering the highest quality, drug-free, holistic, and affordable health care.

Our Unique Approach to Wellness

As our name suggests, we take a hands-on approach by tailoring health care plans based on the unique needs and goals of each of our participants. We utilize specific subluxation-based chiropractic techniques that focus on the nervous system function. In conjunction with chiropractic care, we offer services and solutions to pave the way to optimum health, growth, and function.

Our approach is caring, positive, and empowering to allow our participants to feel in control of their own health.

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Our Health and Wellness Services

Family Chiropractic

Hands on Wellness is here to support all ages of our Chamblee community with personalized, customized chiropractic care.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

We help you enhance your body’s natural healing process and manage various conditions  with our hyperbaric chamber.

Tissue Regeneration Therapy

Tissue regeneration (also known as Stem Wave Therapy or Softwave Therapy) is known to help your body heal, reduce pain, and treat many injuries and conditions.

Nutrition Response Testing

We help you determine underlying causes of illness or health concerns through analyzing and testing your body’s neurological reflexes.


We improve lives at Hands On Wellness. Hear from our satisfied and loyal patients.

“Excellent practice. Dr. Miriam is technically excellent and compassionate and kind at the same time.”

Dr. Taylor

“Dr. Miriam is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about helping every individual she encounters. While giving birth to my son, I sustained an injury to my back, pelvis, and tail bone. In the hospital, I was told to expect a six-month recovery time. With Dr. Miriam’s help, I am able to walk and sit without pain in half the estimated recovery time! She has even started my son off on the right track as well. It is amazing to see the relief that crosses his face after an adjustment at her office!

Lauren F.

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