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“I had my first ever adjustment by Dr. Miriam and was amazed at the immediate relief from tension and stiffness in my body. I plan to get adjusted regularly from here forward. I also spent time in the Hyperbaric Chamber and felt wonderfully energized. I can’t wait to come back again and again!”
Bridgette B.
“I suffer from severe seasonal allergies but have found huge relief using the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. Not only does it clear my congestion and make symptoms manageable but it also gives me energy and alertness that I had often gone without during allergy season. I have also gotten immense relief from ear infections as the chamber has been the best tool to drain fluid in my inner ear.” 
Katherine P.
“I have been a patient since November 2014. When I first started I was in excruciating pain and could not perform normal daily activities. Dr. Miriam performed tender and caring work on me and within two months I was no longer in daily pain and am able to perform my daily activities. Dr. Miriam is devoted to working on our health and wellness and has encouraged me to understand that I have control of my own health and wellness. I am glad there are many other services here for our health. It’s like a one-stop shop.” 
Julia M.
“Very professional and relaxing atmosphere. It was my first visit to a chiropractor and I was very hesitant to have an adjustment. Immediately felt at ease and thoroughly enjoyed the adjustment. Also learned a lot about my body! I also enjoyed the hyperbaric chamber — wow, I felt amazing after being in there. Can’t wait to go back! Thanks, Dr. Miriam!” 
Joel P.
“I started taking my baby, Adrianna when she was two-and-a-half years old. She was not able to speak or follow directions. Her initial evaluation by therapists stated that she needed to be tested for Autism.
She did not like swinging on swings or sliding. Adrianna would not stay calm throughout her appointments. She would not keep herself occupied for more than one minute at a time, nor did she make eye contact.
After treatments and adjustments from Dr. Miriam, Adrianna is at the park every day and her favorite is the swing. She is making eye contact with communication. When she comes into Hands on Wellness, she will go in the play area on her own and will play patiently alone. She cooperates more while getting adjusted and recently had an evaluation done by a child psychologist. It was decided that Adrianna did not need to be tested for Autism. She will be starting school and will be able to be in a class with her peers. I ABSOLUTELY recommend Hands on Wellness for any age and for ALL wellness needs.” 
Alexis M.

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